Commercial Real Estate Transaction Process

As a full-service commercial title agency, NexGen has over 25 years of extensive experience with various real estate transactions, including commercial real estate transactions. Whether you’re involved in a commercial property transaction or any other real estate deal, our team is well-equipped to give unparalleled support throughout the commercial real estate transaction process.

Our strong commitment to excellence is underscored by our robust attorney support system. Developed and refined over decades, this system sets us apart. We demonstrate speed, efficiency, and the exceptional ability to anticipate and overcome challenges inherent in commercial real estate transactions. We get it right the first time.

  • Purchase. This type of transaction involves buying a commercial property outright, whether it is a cash purchase or through a loan.
  • New construction. If the commercial property is still in the building phase, the loan and title insurance will change as the project moves toward completion.
  • Refinance. When changing lenders or refinancing for more favorable terms, the commercial title must be updated as well.
  • 1031 exchange. With this type of transaction, the investor avoids capital gain taxes by selling one property and then reinvesting the proceeds into the purchase of another.
  • Contingency. Almost every transaction features some type of contingency—such as a property inspection, title issues, or loss of financing—as an added safety precaution.
  • Dispute escrows.  Funds and legal paperwork, such as deeds, are held in escrow during the closing process. If a dispute arises, NexGen can help achieve a resolution.