Commercial Title Insurance Services

Confidence. It’s exactly what you’ll get with NexGen title settlement services. Our commercial title insurance policies offer protection against potential claims against your title. Could someone else claim ownership of the property? We work to insure those title issues that can plague you if left undiscovered—from third-party rights to unpaid liens to errors in the public records, to corporate authority issues, and more.

Count on our commercial title insurance services for intensive research and due diligence. Following a 60-year title search of circuit court records, our title examiner provides you with detailed notes and copies of all relevant public records. This personalized report serves as a foundation for the title insurance commitment between you and your lender and flags the exceptions and the pending requirements necessary to achieve a clear title.

We Reach Beyond Settlement

Our relationship continues after the settlement and final update of the public records. Once your settlement is completed, you will receive a final commercial title insurance policy for your records. It will detail the coverages, endorsements, and exclusions of your coverage, depending on the transaction details and type of real estate.

Activate Our Network

NexGen is committed to excellent service and fair pricing. To achieve this, our title insurance services involve the four largest insurance underwriters in the country: Fidelity National Title, Old Republic Title, Stewart Title, and First American Title.

No commercial real estate transaction is without risk. Without a commercial title insurance policy, your investment is vulnerable to the rights of third parties and costly legal battles. Choose NexGen as your commercial title agency and achieve peace of mind.

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They are tailored to protect my business, assets and my bottom line.”