Other Services

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Other Services

NexGen’s full service approach means we can handle all of your commercial transaction needs, including:

  • Development and Construction Services—For rehabilitations and new construction, we can provide regular title updates, lender-required endorsements, and oversight of the payment process to reduce the likelihood of mechanic lien filings and claims.
  • Title reports—We can provide information on the status of your property, whether you’re thinking of putting it on the market for sale, pre-acquisition for the sale of a business, for zoning application or court-required exhibits.
  • Offsite Closings—We’re happy to come to our clients when it’s time to review, sign or notarize title and loan documents.
  • Courier Services—We take care of delivery of oversized documents, proceeds checks and transaction documents.
  • 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange Services—We provide this service for investors selling income-producing properties, and who would like to defer the capital gains by promptly re-investing their money in like-kind properties.
  • Title Insurance—In partnership with our national title insurance companies, NexGen offers title insurance for multi-state transactions.


They are tailored to protect my business, assets and my bottom line.”