Escrow Services

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Escrow Services

Commercial real estate is high stakes. Not only are there large dollar amounts involved, there are multiple title complexities to consider—each requiring more research and more intricacies with corporate authority, conveyance and zoning matters.

NexGen focuses solely on commercial real estate transactions. We’re experts. From big picture planning to all of the important and intricate details, our team’s experience leads to a more seamless closing for you.

Our goal is to make your life easier from the very beginning. We act as a single point of contact, managing your transaction with efficiency by coordinating buyer, seller and lender. We handle all documents, loan payoffs, title reports and disbursement of funds after closing. Our fiduciary responsibility is sacred to us, and we handle your transactional funds with the accountability and care—a critical skill in today’s cyber and business climate.

We’re here for you after closing, too. In addition to handling the disbursement of funds to the seller, NexGen’s Escrow Services will pay all relevant vendors and continue to manage after-settlement disbursements for closing repairs, payoffs and payment schedules. All funds are kept in federally insured accounts—each regularly audited by national underwriters—to ensure total transparency and accountability.