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Why Choose a Commercial Title Agency for Your Property Transactions

Sep 13, 2023

When it comes to the intricate world of real estate transactions, one size doesn’t fit all. While many title agencies tout their prowess in residential real estate, a distinctive breed of expertise thrives in the commercial sector. At NexGen Title Agency, we’re not just another residential agency; we’re your strategic partner in the dynamic realm of commercial real estate. Read on to learn why collaborating with a specialized commercial title agency like ours can be a game-changer for your ventures.

In a World of Residential Title Agencies, Pick a Commercial One.

It’s no secret that practically 99% of title agencies specialize in residential real estate. But trust us—commercial real estate is a different beast. It demands a level of skill and knowledge that goes beyond the norm, and our agency is among the select few that exclusively focuses on commercial transactions. With a commercial title agency, you’re not just getting a title policy; you’re unlocking access to a wealth of experience in dealing with the multifaceted nature of an elaborate sector. Here’s how.

They Dominate a Complex Terrain

The commercial real estate landscape is peppered with complexities that set it apart from its residential counterpart. Think multi-state transactions, a labyrinth of entities orchestrating buys and sells, purchase prices and loan amounts dipping into the tens of millions, and an array of attorneys representing buyers, sellers, and lenders. 

Reputable commercial title agencies are seasoned in all of this, ensuring that all legal and financial aspects of your commercial transaction are handled with precision and expertise. Going a step further, they conduct in-depth research into the property’s history, including land surveys, environmental assessments, and ownership history—giving buyers a comprehensive understanding of what they’re actually acquiring. 

They Have a Symphony of Specializations

Commercial property transactions have many specialized niches, including construction, development projects, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and more. With rich experience at your side, you’re partnering with a team that makes it their mission to know the unique demands of your specific commercial property transaction.

In many cases, commercial properties are even purchased with the intention of development or redevelopment. Commercial title agencies offer insights into the property’s potential for growth, helping clients understand zoning restrictions, land use possibilities, and future investment opportunities. 

They Have a Network of Connections

Undeniably, commercial title agencies have a bustling network of valuable connections. The benefit is that their underwriters and attorneys help investors save on overhead expenses while also giving a level of personalized help that most residential title agencies do not always allow. 

NexGen has teamed up with the heavyweights of insurance underwriters like Fidelity National Title, Old Republic Title, Stewart Title, and First American Title to ensure you get top-notch service at a fair price. This network can prove invaluable in getting extra expertise and guidance throughout the transaction, knowing all aspects of the property are thoroughly examined and addressed.

They Turn Risk into Confidence

Commercial real estate transactions are riddled with risks that can jeopardize your investments. But with NexGen’s commercial title insurance (an indemnity insurance designed to prioritize risk prevention over risk assumption), you’re metamorphosing risk into confidence. Unlike residential title insurance, which typically follows a standardized template, commercial title agencies work closely with clients to customize insurance policies that address the specific risks and concerns associated with the property.

All in all, the financial stakes in commercial real estate are usually higher than in residential transactions. Commercial properties often have a history of diverse ownership and usage, increasing the likelihood of hidden encumbrances or past lien claims. That’s why we practice our due diligence, pinpointing potential risks and liabilities that could impact the property’s value or delay future development plans.

They Navigate Legal Nuances

Commercial transactions are subject to broader legal and regulatory considerations, like zoning laws, land use regulations, and compliance with local ordinances. A title agency like us has an intuitive understanding of these complex legal landscapes and provides valuable connections to confirm the necessary approvals are in place before the transaction is finalized.

Seize the NexGen Advantage

We get it—commercial real estate is like a minefield of uncertainties. But with NexGen’s help, you gain a true partner that sparks the quick and secure land transfer. Most importantly, we boost lender and consumer confidence in securing real estate investments—today and tomorrow. So why not choose peace of mind? Get in touch with us; we take the “what if” out of your project.

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