Surviving Working From Home

Apr 08, 2020

You’re working from home, hollering at your kids to be quiet while Jerry is on, or maybe its just you and four walls that don’t provide much conversation. Either way, you are really are just ready to be done with the COVID craziness and be back in the office.  BUT its only April and June 10th seems awfully far away. So why not make the best of it and use the down time to your advantage?

  • Make a schedule and stick to it
  • Make a to-do list, one that makes adjustments for your working circumstances
  • Touch base via phone with co-workers
  • Clean up any outstanding items you never seemed to have time for before
  • Review the thing you do well at your job, and the things you think you can improve on

Make the glass half full. Use your time wisely. Your will thank yourself later and it will help make working from home a little easier to swallow for those of us who don’t do so on a regular basis to begin with.

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