Surviving Working from Home- The Schedule

Apr 16, 2020

“Everybody’s working for the weekend…“- song lyrics by Loverboy

Depending on whom you work for, you may or may not have a schedule even though working from home. Some companies follow the big brother rule and have you teleconference morning, noon and night so you don’t take too much time out for a little t.v. watching. Most of us are on our own. If you don’t have a schedule, get on one! Schedules help to keep you going, reduce stress and provide guidance for the tasks you do need to accomplish – aside from catching up on The Walking Dead.

  • Set a time to start working. Set the alarm and coffee pot, just like you would if you were going into the office.
  • Start at the same time each day. It will help you transition back to the office later.
  • Decide how much time is allotted to each task and stick to it, just like in the office.
  • Refer to that to do list to help you decide what you need to accomplish for the day.
  • Take your break! It truly does help you to refocus.
  • When you are done for the day, you are done. While you may have “taken your work home”, you can still leave it at the door when the workday is over.

Maintaining a schedule similar to the one you have in the office will help keep you motivated, efficient and make the transition back much easier when the time comes.

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