Smile While You Mask

Jun 05, 2020

I walked by another person on the street coming to work, and smiled in greeting. They didn’t even acknowledge me with a slight tilt of the head.  How rude!  Then I realized, they couldn’t see my smile through the mask I had on! Why in the world would they respond if they thought I didn’t acknowledge them?

These days we are all the “man behind the mask”.  A safety requirement and fashion accessory for some, which covers you nose to chin, concealing all the facial nuances we take for granted that communicate with the people we pass or gather with.

A key part of making a closing great is your connection with the client in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. To do that, one of the key things  I learned way back in my college credit card selling days was to smile. A real smile can be heard through the phone, can ease a heated situation or help to create the trust in a client that you know what you are doing and they are in good hands. With the mask, they can’t see the smile…so what do you do? You smile bigger and mean it! Show the smile in your cheeks and eyes. It will translate! I promise!

…or buy a mask that already has a smile.

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