Commercial Real Estate Closings with COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020

The pandemic COVID-19 may be rapidly forcing closures and “social distancing” in the United States, but in the world of commercial real estate, we keep on moving.  This is where technology benefits us all. Almost all closing aspects can be done without having to physically meet with anyone.

  • Listings for properties can be found online, not to mention a virtual walk through of the property.
  • Apply for your loan with the bank online or over the phone.
  • Title searches for most counties can also be done online.
  • Loan documents are emailed.
  • Don’t want to close in person? Many times, an e-notary with can provide the ability to have documents notarized without a notary public physically coming to you or having to go to them.
  • Then, once documents are signed, funds can be wired, and the final Deed and Security documents can be e-recorded in many counties.

So wash your hands, sanitize your phone and keyboard and keep on closing!

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